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+1 260-417-8692

Located in Central Arkansas (USA), and operating worldwide

Performance Leadership Consulting and Coaching

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Expert Consulting

We have the expertise to help in the following areas:

Managing people


Organizational Development

Accounting and Finance

Inventory Management

Strategy and Business Planning

Technology Development

Operations Management

Other Management Functional Areas

Coaching and Training

If you have been promoted to a management position or wish to take the next step in management, we can help you understand the new responsibilities and accountabilities that come with that role. Often technical specialists have not had training in management or leadership, but these are skills that can be learned with help. We offer:

  • Individualized training and coaching
  • Team and workgroup training
  • Organizational training
  • Books, Blogs, and Videos (coming in the near future)
  • References to other resources


We offer continual coaching to those who need extra assistance to build their management portfolio and to advance to the next step in the organization. This is an ongoing relationship that nurtures and encourages managers.